Most people will have heard of, but not know much about Yodlee.  It was founded in 1999 to develop software and a service that lets consumers know all they need to about their financial information in one place. Although bank accounts, emails and shopping rewards usually have sites that users can visit to check the status of their accounts Yodlee wanted to make it easier for people to look at all of their finances together.

In addition to being able to see the accounts, customers are also able to make payments, track their expenses and even manage their investments without needing to leave the page!

Their popularity shows by todays numbers which are in excess of 45 million! In addition to this, they also have over 150 institutions in finance that includes half of the top 10 banks in the United States.  They also look after applications that were created for other websites, with Money Dashboard and Thrive being just a few. To allow them to expand their services to companies that are Y Combinator funded, they also teamed up with the company Y Combinator. In their first decade alone they could boast $116 million in profits!

Retail customers

Retail customers have access to finance solutions that have been made with them in mind. They are given information in real time from more than 11,000 sources. They can also access over 100,000 different worldwide types of account. This allows more cross and up selling. Customers can also put all of their account information in just one place helping them to keep track. Figures show that 85% of money management taken care of online is done so by www.Yodlee.com.

Small businesses

Small businesses have a finance solution that helps them to keep track of their companies spending and buying from the beginning and as it grows. The company knows that smaller businesses have different needs which is why there is a solution just for them. The integrated cash flow management is just one of the many features available meaning less time spent on making the books balance and more dealing with the business itself.

Wealth management

With 83% of affluent people wanting to take care of their investments with solid advice, this specialist service has everything they need. Logging into different accounts can waste time, and those in the know will already be aware that wasted time is wasted money. It can also be tiring which can means mistakes will occur more often.

Yodlee Card reward scheme tracking

Many companies now offer rewards to people who hold their credit cards such as money off their purchases and air miles. If you have more than one card, it can get confusing to keep track of these and make the most of your rewards, you can now view them in one place. In addition to this you can also make payments to your accounts reducing the chance of you missing payments and having to pay late payment fees as a result.  Knowing about Yodlee and the services they offer can save you money and of course time. Being an online service you will have access to it from wherever you have the internet all year round no matter the time of day or night which is yet another reason to choose www.Yodlee.com for your financial management needs.


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