Wawanes Insurance Bill Payment Online

Wawanesa Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Canada. Established in 1896, the company is currently headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In the US, Wawanesa operates in the states of California and Oregon.

Wawanesa Insurance Bill Pay Options

If you are a customer of Wawanesa Insurance and have recently received your monthly bill, you may want to know how you can pay it. The following are the various bill payment options available to you:

    Wawanesa Insurance Bill Pay Online

    You can pay your bills online using your credit card through this links:

    You can use your MasterCard, American Express or Visa credit cards. A Visa debit card is also accepted. The online payment option is one of the most convenient bill payment methods. It offers you the freedom to pay whenever you want. You can pay from the comfort of your home, from your workplace or even in travel. All you need is a web enabled device and internet access. In addition to paying your bills, you can use your account for other purposes like viewing your past payments, viewing your service charges etc. Plus, the account also informs you on your current policy type and status.

      Monthly Automatic Chequing (MAC) Plan

      Under this payment plan, your monthly bill amount will be automatically withdrawn from your specified financial institution. This is ideal for customers looking for a hassle free payment option since once you set up this payment option, you will never have to worry about paying your bills on time. You can pay multiple Wawanesa policies in one single withdrawal. You will also have the freedom to select your own monthly withdrawal date. Plus, you can save on postage and time. MAC comes with an annual service charge of 3%.

        Installment Plan

        Under this payment method, you can choose from three installment plans. In the Full Pay Plan, you are required to pay your annual premium in full by the due date. In a Two Pay Plan, you pay your premiums in two installments, 50% by the Effective Date and the rest 50% in 90 days. Under the Three Pay Plan, premiums are paid in three installments, 40% by the Effective Date, 30% in 90 days and the rest 30% in 180 days.


          Customers can also mail their payments to the company. Just send in your checks together with your billing stub to the following address – Wawanesa, CP/PO Box 1530, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 2Z4. If you r check returns to the company due to insufficient funds, then you will be charged a fee for the returned checks.

            Bank Transfer

            You can also use your financial institution’s online/telephone banking service to transfer funds from your account to the company account. When making the payment, remember to select “Wawanesa Insurance” as the company name. You will need your 7 digit policy number to complete the fund transfer. You may be charged a service fee for the transaction depending on your banking institution’s policies.

              If you need to know more about the payment options, or other products and services offered by the company, you should contact you nearest authorized broker. You can find one through this link.


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