Springleaf Financial Services Bill Pay

Springleaf Financial Services is a leading financial institution in the country. Founded in 1920, the company has operations in 26 states and offers a variety of financial products raging from loans and other credit services.

Springleaf Financial Services Bill Payment Options

If you have received a bill from Springleaf Financial Services, then you can pay for it through any of the following ways:

    Springleaf Financial Services Bill Pay Online

    You can pay your bills online using any web enabled device. This is a simple and fast pay to pay your bills in case you are looking to make an instant payment. You will need your customer account number, social security number and a blank check to make a payment. You will also need to furnish your basic information like name, social security number etc. Payments can be made through this link.

      Auto Pay

      In this method, your bill amount will be debited from your checking account or savings account each and every month like clockwork. This is the most easiest way to pay your bills on time. You do not have to write checks, or buy postage etc. Plus, since your payments are always made within the due date, you will never be charged with any late payment penalties.

        Pay By Phone

        If you wish to pay through phone, you can do so. Just call the number listed on your billing statement and follow the instructions. When you are looking to make an immediate bill payment and do not have internet access, then this is the best way. Remember to keep your account information and payment information handy while making the call.

          Pay By Mail

          You can pay through mail by sending your payment to the address mentioned in your billing stub. When paying through checks, ensure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account. If the check returns to the company, you may find yourself charged with a penalty for the returned check.

            Pay in Person

            You can also visit any of the company branches and make your payment. To find out an office location near you, visit this link. If you happen to live or work near the area, then this may be the best way to pay your bill.


              If you are planning to visit any Walmart store, you can also pay your Springfield bill there. You just need to give your account number and name to the customer care representative to make a “CheckFree” payment. You will be charged a convenience fee of $1 to $1.50 for this service.

                If you believe that you may not be able to pay your bills on time, then it is advisable to contact the company and ask for an extension of due date. If you already have an amount due, then you can enquire whether any payment arrangement can be made which will allow you to pay it off in installments. If you need to clarify any questions regarding payments or other matters, you can contact the Springleaf Financial Services customer care account at 800-961-55-77 anytime between 8AM to 5PM local time, Monday thru Friday. You can also visit the company website at www.springleaffinancial.com for more information.


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