SMECO Bill Payment

The Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) is an electricity supplier in the state of Maryland, USA. The cooperative serves more than 150,000 customers in its service region, which includes Prince George’s County, Charles County, St.Mary’s County and Calvert County.

SMECO Bill Payment Options

Customers of the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative can pay their monthly bills through any of the following payment options:

  • Online Account: You can easily pay your SMECO electric bills online. For this, you need to register for an account through this link. Once registered, you can login to your account and make payments using your checking account or credit card. Accepted credit cards include Visa, Discover and MasterCard. However, remember that you will be unable to make online payments in case your account has a past due balance.
  • Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative One Time bill pay: If you are looking to pay your bills online without registering for an account, you can do so through this link. This is ideal when you want to make a quick payment without going through the process of logging in to your account.
  • Pay by Phone: For customers who do not wish to pay online but want a instant payment solution, you can pay your bills through phone. To do so, simply call 1-866-528-7757 and follow the instructions. Remember to keep your account information and payment details handy when making the call.
  • Auto Pay: If you use the auto pay option, your monthly bills will be automatically paid off from your chosen payment source. You can use your checking account or credit card to make payments. This is the easiest payment option since you only need to set up the payment option just once and your bills will be paid automatically every month.
  • Mail: You can also pay your bills through mail. Just send in your checks to the following address – Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, PO Box 743002, Atlanta, GA 30384-3002. Remember to ensure that your bank account has enough balance to honor the checks when presented; else you may be fined for the returned checks.
  • In Person: You can walk into any SMECO office during the business hours and pay your bills in person. Business hours are between 8AM to 4PM, Monday thru Friday.  To find an office near you, visit this link.
  • Third Party: You can also make your bill payments at Walmart or Global Express store. You may be required to present your bill during the payment process. Plus, since this is a third party payment option, you can also expect to be charged a fee for the service.

Customers who are experiencing economic difficulties can also request for an alternate payment plan. After taking into consideration your financial condition and payment history, SMECO will design a payment plan suitable to your budget. If you need to know more about the bill payment options, you can contact the company’s customer care service at 1-888-440-3311. Alternatively, you can also visit their official website at www.smeco.coop


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