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Since 1998, SCANA has been providing Natural energy services to the people of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. SCANA is a well-known corporation, with its name derived from South Carolina State. It has around seven million electric and one million gas customers. Being a public utility industry it regulates the electric, natural gas and other supply of resources relating to energy.

SCANA provides its customers with the easy bill payment services that enable customers to make quick payments of their utility bills.

SCANA Energy Online Payment

Online payment has made things go easier for all the customers, because it saves from  the the hassle of searching for the locations and queing up at the payment centers waiting for their turn. There are two methods of online payment whereby you can now make payments very easily. One is whereby you need to sign up and making an online account whereas the other is quicker method that doesn’t require signing up prior to entering your credit and debit card information.

  • Making an Online Account: When you make an online account and enter your contact information details for identification, you are able to pay your bill free of charge in matter of just a few seconds! Sign up here to get access to the webpage to get a new account. Make sure that you can use either your debit or credit card for this service.
  • Without logging in: If you don’t have much time to log in and that you are running out of time then you ought to go for the bill payment method without signing up. With a fee of $3.50 you get to attempt this quick job of payment here, using your credit card, debit card or paypal method.
  • Checking and Savings Account: You also have the option to set up recurring bank payments or one-time third party bank payments, simply click here and chose payment method of your own choice.

Make payments in person

SCANA utility bills can also be paid by visiting the company centers situated at various locations. Find locations through a list and get to the nearest possible center and pay your bill easily. It might cost $1.50 for the transaction and you pay your bill through cash, check and money order. Please make sure that they don’t accept credit cards for in person payments.

Payments through Mail

You can make payments through mails by mailing your money order or check to the address provided here. It won’t cost you any fee and you may use check or money order and send via snail mail or USPS. It would take 3 to 6 days for the payments to get posted to your account.

Payments through a Phone Call

Another easy way of making quick payments is the phone call method. By simply calling 1-800-450-9175 you can get your payments posted to your accounts very quickly with the help of credit or debit card. This service is charged at $3.50 per transaction.

SCANA Energy

Contact Phone Number: 803-217-9000
Support Phone Number: (877) 467-2262


cash, check, credit card, invoice
1426 Main St
Columbia, SC 29201
220 Operation Way
Cayce, SC 29033


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