Public storage came into existence way back in 1972. The company has about 2,200 storage locations today in Europe and United States. It holds about one hundred and forty-two million square rent of the real estate. The prime quality of the organization is the aspect that the company is focused on its customers. Public storage enjoys a leadership position in the self storage industry. This company holds the membership of FT Global 500 and S&P 500. Public Storage holds the honor of being the trusted and respected operator of self storage facilities and is widely recognized for its quality services.

Public storage Bill Payment

Public Storage offers a wide variety of payment methods and you can choose the one that best suits your needs and convenience.

Public storage Online Payment

Online payment appears to be the simplest method to clear your bills. You simply need to visit this link: www.publicstorage.com/MakePayment.

The next step is to enter your username and password and you would be logged into the website. Your username and password would be available in your reservation confirmation and using that information you can easily create your account. You can also pay your bill through your mobile. You would need to visit the following link in this regard https://m.publicstorage.com/. You can easily pay your bill 24/7 through your mobile through just a few clicks.

Pay bill through phone

You can also pay your bill by calling on the following number 1-866-444-4747. However, if you pay your bill by phone a transaction fee would be charged from you that would be equal to about $10.


You can also signup for autopay for making your bill payments. You would need to visit the following link


Sign up for the autopay. Once the autopay system is setup billing would become easier. The bill would be debited from your account via Discover, MasterCard or Visa on the due date. This is a hassle free process and will prevent you from missing out on your due payment date.

Onsite payments

You can also pay the bills at your public storage facility using your credit card, cash or check. If you need any assistance in this regard just call on 1-800-688-8057 and raise your queries in this regard.


You can also send the bill payment through email. If you want to locate the address to which you want to send the bill login into your account. For further assistance in this regard call on 1-800-688-8057 and all your queries will be answered to satisfaction.

All the payments need to be made on the first of every month. If you fail to stick to the deadline late fee will be charged from you in case of the delay.


If you want to raise your queries through mail then visit the following link www.publicstorage.com/contact and fill the relevant form. The official mailing address is as follows

Public Storage
P.O. Box 25050
Glendale, CA 91221-5050

Call on 1-800-688-8057 to reserve storage and contact 1-800-567-0759 to modify storage.


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