Holland Board of Public Works – Utility Bill Pay made Simple

Holland Board of Public works has been around since 1883, when the need for a city water system became apparent. Today the company serves over 28.000 customers and the systems has improved tremendously since it was first started over 100 years ago.  Holland is committed to providing their customers with quality of service that their customers have grown to know.  Just like their uncomplicated utility service, Holland board of public works make it just as easy for their customer to make their payments on their account. No hassle, No Worries.  Holland offers a variety of payments options that will surely take the worry out of making your payment each month.

Holland Board of Public Works Online Bill Pay – Paperless

You can help improve the environment with just a few simple clicks of a mouse.  With Holland’s Paperless Billing System you will receive your billing statement to an email address you provide.  The account is set up through a third party payment service center.  There is no charge to use this service and you can be assured that it is safe.  With this you are able to view your bill at any time and eliminate the paper clutter that accumulates in your mail box.  You will no longer have to worry about sending your bill out each month or have to hassle with writing a check.  Its Safe Simple and Secure. Returning customers can log in here.  When using this system be sure to allow two to five business days for your payment to be posted to your account.

Direct Payment

Holland customers also have the option to set up their account for automatic payment withdraw.  This debit will occur from their checking or savings account and is free of charge to use.  This debit occurs on the same time every month when the bill payment is due.  Once customers enroll in the Direct Payment they will receive a statement each month that will be marked DO NO PAY.  This set up can take up to thirty days to take effect so customers need to remember to pay their bill as they normally would to avoid any problems.  To Sign up for Direct Payment you can visit this link.

Payments through the mail or in person

Customers of Holland Public Works always have the option to make their payments in person or through the United States Postal Service.  Payments made through the mail can be sent back with the pre-addressed envelope that comes with the billing statement each month.  Paying in person is just as simple customers can visit the Holland Service Center at Six Twenty-five Hastings Avenue.  Office hours are from Seven to Five Monday through Friday.  Office accepts cash, check or money order for payment.  If you need to make a payment outside of the normal business hours of the office you can use a drop box located in the front of the Service Center.

Walk In Payment Locations

Holland offers a variety of Payment locations to pay your bills in person.  These locations are available to take cash payments only.  If your payment is made by 6 p.m , your account will be posted the next day.  There are possible service fees for using any of these locations.  For a list of locations near you and their hours you can visit here.

Pay By Phone

This service is available 24 hours a day.  Customers can also call the PSN phone line at 1-877-390-73-68  To use either one of these services a service fee of $2.95 will be charged.  If customer services is needed, a live operator can be reached Monday through Friday from Eight to Five CST.


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