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NY&Co Reward cards allow holders to be able to collect rewards to spend in their favorite store just by shopping for the things they usually do. As a cardholder there are further benefits too such as not having to pay for shipping on your purchases when you spend at least $125. New York and company stock a huge range of clothing and accessories for women. They aim their fashion and smart work wear at women ranging from their mid 20’s to mid 40’s and have a good value for money ethic.

NY&Co Reward Cards Benefits to being a cardholder

Aside from the benefits already mentioned cardholders can also get a bonus reward of $10 once they have spent $200. That is easy enough to do when you think of how much you spend each month on fuel, food and other essential items. Once you have spent $200 you move up to Platinum status which allows you to get even more rewards such as $20 after spending $200, so the more you spend the more you can save on your fashion.

When your birthday comes around, you can use the benefits of the NY&Co Reward cards to save 20% off your purchase or 25% if you have reached platinum status. You are able to combine the bonuses with the coupons you receive to give you even greater savings.  Cardholders are the first to find out about sales so they can get in their first before stocks run out.

What is the easiest way to manage my account?

Customers find that the easiest way to manage their accounts are online. There are many reasons for this, the first being that it is a free service. Other great benefits to an online account are being able to access it around the clock to check spending levels, rewards and even pay their bills. They are also able to set up automatic payments allowing the money to be taken automatically from their bank account each month on a date that they choose. To pay off more there is the option to make an extra payment online or by phone on 1-800-889-0494 every day between 8am till 9pm Monday to Friday.

Setting up an online account – www.NYandCompanyCard.com

When you first set up an online account for one of the NY&Co Reward cards you will need to have all of your details to hand. This is so that your identity can be verified. You will need your card or statement and social security number. Once you have these click here: www.nyandcompany.com/register to begin.

In future all you need to do is log into your account and you can access all you need around the clock from pretty much anywhere, even your phone if you can access the internet from it.  From your account you can raise or lower your credit limit to keep your spending under control. Paying off your bill each month will still entitle you to the rewards, but you will not be liable for interest.

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