NWP Services Corporation

NWP Services Corporation is renowned name that has been founded in 1995. NWP Services Corporation has been successfully providing the resident utility billing services in a conventional way across all states.

The main aim of NWP Services Corporation is to provide utility cost recovery services to the resident and development industry. The target is to provide exceptional, innovative and yet cost effective solutions to the customer resulting in increasing their gross operating income.

NWP Services Corporation is the first Corporation to provide these exceptional services. Billing management, resident and property management all comes under one roof. NWP Services Corporation is providing these services for both individual and fully-integrated solutions.


Payment submission, billing services and other exceptional reporting solution all these come under Utility Logic of NWP Services Corporation. Following are reputable solution provided by NWP Services Corporation for billing payment procedure.

Convergent billing:

Convergent billing is that type of method in which One Bill provides all the required billing statement which is in contrast and related to the resident perspective. Convergent billing carries the statement of resident allocation utility charges, amenity fees, balance carry-overs and any other charges or fee that has any necessary resident ledger for the month. NWP invoices all the property fees for its billing purpose.

Utility billing only:

Utility billing is that type of method in which a customer or resident owner will receive a postcard bill with contains a privacy seal so that no one else can extract the information other than the resident owner. A customer can easily remit their utility payment directly to the property management office. This type of method gives ease to the customer; as customer will not to go anywhere except for the property management office. On the other hand NWP invoices the property for its billing fee. A customer can easily contact to following address:

Property customer service

Contact no: 800.590.7355

Email id:propertyservices@nwpsc.com

Read, bill and remit:

Read, bill and remit is that type method in which a customer receives a statement regarding resident billing in accordance to the allocated utility charges only. Similarly, on the other hand customer remits their payment to NWP only which can easily be sent by either online through electronic payment processing or by mail.

Resident customer service

Contact no: 800.845.6767

Email id:residentservices@nwpsc.com


Mailing address

PO Box 19661

Irvine, CA 92623- 9661

So resident customers can go online and make their payment which is called NWP’s Resident portal. The portal address is www.nwpresident.com.

On the other hand resident customer can mail their payment to NWP Services Corporation using a remittance slip.

Enhance Feature:


If a customer is merely interested in measuring the actual usage of meter in units, then NWP provide the facility to help you install your sub metering system. NWP Services Corporation give you ease for a new construction, repairs, maintains or even upgrades the existing sub metering system. NWP’s team has been fully trained and maintains the professional trust among customers.

RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing)

If a customer preferred to avoid the merely cost of sub metering or for any instance the structure is not supporting your existing one, than RUBS(Ratio Utility Billing) is the solution provided by  NWP Services Corporation. RUBS provides a usage estimate by unit, calculated by NWP.


Contact no: 800.323.3178

Email id:multifamily@nwpsc.com


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