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Wal-Mart Family Mobile is a cell phone service for that busy family on a budget. This cellular provider is a cheap and convenient way for any type of family to stay connected. This amazing option of cellular service communication is powered by T-mobile. Not only will you be getting a great deal on phones and packages, but their many consumers are also be backed by one the nation’s largest networks.


A really great and cost effective feature for this plan is that you can also use any unlocked global system for mobile phones that you may already have. If you would also like to purchase a brand new phone, the selection and variety of newer phones is also available to you at a low cost. If you needed to purchase the newest  I-phone, or even just a starter phone to get you going, all of these and more are ready to use and available to you.

Cell Phone Starter Kits

Many of the packages offered here start at relatively low prices for anyone wanting quality in their services. Activating and signing up for this provider is simple and hassle free! The two starter kits are both only twenty five dollars, and come with unlimited minutes to both talk and text. You can choose between the standard sim card starter kit, or go with the nano sim card kit to get your coverage going.

Family Mobile Plans

Once you have chosen your starter kit and phone, you are then able to choose how many lines you would like to have on the account. You can add up to five lines for each account, and the plans start at either $39.88 for unlimited texting, talking, and web; or $29.88 for texting and talk. When add another line to each account, you will then automatically receive a five dollar discount. Get started here!


When looking at other services, you will notice that most of them require you to go through background checks, credit checks, or even just make you fill out a crazy form just to get to a cell phone. Well, there is none of that here! There are no credit checks, or even a annual contract that you will have to abide by anytime you want to change something, or even go to another service. All you have to do is pay your monthly bill before the month starts, and your good to go.

Network an Coverage

Being able to trust in your provider is also another worry free concept that you can rely on through this network. All of the phones that are purchased and used through Family Mobile are on the T-Mobile network that covers millions of people a year, and can be used in almost all of the United States. You will be able to travel and still use your phone. This network will allow you to stay connected to everyone and everything, even if you are outside of your home city. So no matter how you need to use your phone, you will still be able to do so in confidence. See the coverage map here.

Family Mobile Customer Support

If you have questions about any of Family mobile services or want to know more about the company, get in touch, free of chargedailing dial 611 from your Family Mobile phone or call 1-877-440-9758.


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