Kansas City Water Bill Payment Options

Kansas City Water grows more every day as the needs of their customers continue to grow they are dedicated to providing quality service that is a big as the state.  Guaranteed to continue to serve quality water to the state of Missouri they prepare for the water needs of the future.  Kansas City Water gives their customers a range of options to pay for their services each month.  Just another way they are dedicated to quality customer service.

A customer service representative is always available 24 hours a day to serve with your account needs.  Kansas City Water representatives are always glad to help whether it is in person, over the phone or even online.  If you have a need that you would like to speak with a representative about you may contact them at 1-816-513-1313.  If you would like to submit a request online and you feel your need is not urgent you may click here.

Kansas City Water Pay By Phone

Customers can pay for their service over the phone by calling 1-816-513-1313 you will then select option one.  Representative are available Monday through Friday from Seven to Seven.  An automated service is also available 24 hours a day.  This service can be reached by calling 1-816-513-0567

Kansas City Water Bill Pay Online

To make things a little more simple Kansas City Water gives their customers the opportunity to set up an online account.  With this customers are able to do a variey of things such as make payments to their account, view billing history, view payment history sign up for Ebilling, or even update account information. The options are limitless with an online account.  You are in complete control of when and how you make your payments each and every month.  Allowing you more flexibility with your finances as well.  To sign up for Online Access go here.  On this page you will see all the options that are available with an online account.


Automatic Bank Draft allows you to set up your account to debit your checking or savings account each month when your service bill is due.  This will eliminate the hassle of having to worry about sending your bill back each month and you no longer have to worry over late fees or even possible disconnections as your bill will be paid on time each month.  You will receive a statement that say DO NOT PAY on it.  This is just simply a reminder that your account was debited for the amount due.


E-billing allows you to no longer receive a paper statement in the mail  You will receive your statement in the form on an email each month.  You will then have the option to make your payment to your account.  To sign up for E-Bill you can visit this page.
If you are a first time user on the page you must first register and will need your account number.


Kansas City Water has several locations where you can make your payment in person or visit one of the 24 hour drop boxes.  To find a location that works best for you, visit here.


Payments are always welcomed to be returned using the United States Postal Service.
If you are mailing in your payment, you will want to make sure you allow plenty of time for it to arrive at the office.  Mailing address for payments is:

Kansas City Water Services

Forty Eight Hundred East Sixty-third Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64130


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