Manage Your Comdata Card Account Online

www.ComData.com – Comdata is a U.S. based payment solutions provider for a wide variety of industries and brands. The company deals with financial transactions of many kinds, including employee payment, transaction processing, data management and spending control on business purchases. The company’s leading product is the Comdata Card, an innovative idea that allows companies to manage payrolls, business expenses and much more all from a single platform.

Comdata Card Online Services

Comdata offers a variety of online services that allow you to reduce paper, reduce risk, and eliminate unnecessary work. The Virtual Payments account is an electronic payment method that utilises a virtual Mastercard number to pay suppliers and services with security and ease. The system can be fully automated and integrated into a company’s operating system. This means it can be used for anything from the paying of staff for the hours they have worked to reporting on company or departmental expenditures.

Some of the benefits of Comdata online account management include:

  • Comdata is bank neutral, so it won’t affect your relationship with other financial institutions.
  • It reduces costs
  • It allows you to enrol more suppliers
  • It is secure and therefore reduces risk for your money
  • You can earn monthly cash rebates

Comdata Prepaid Cards

Comdata offer a variety of prepaid card accounts. These can be used for anything from payroll to providing corporate incentives. All of their cards come with real time account management services through online banking. This allows account management and reporting, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Accessing Comdata online account management

Comdata online accounts are hosted and maintained through iConnect Data. The online account system offers a host of features for checking and updating accounts.

If you already have an active iConnect account, you will just need to enter the Username and Password you received, into the appropriate boxes on this site, to log in to account management.

If you’ve forgotten your username, enter your email address and card number on this page to retrieve it. If you’ve forgotten your password, enter your username and email address here to retrieve it.

Otherwise, you’ll need to activate your online account. To do this, visit the registration page here: www.iconnectdata.com. You will need to enter the number on your Comdata card, and the activation code you received when creating your Comdata account, to access the online services. Follow the steps until your online account is activated.

Further information

There are a variety of options to contact Comdata.

The Mailing address for the Corporate Headquarters is:

Comdata Corporate Headquarters

5301 Maryland Way


TN 37027


(800) 266-3282

For program administrators, there are different contact numbers depending on your inquiry. A full list of these is available here: www.comdata.com/contact.

Customer support for individual customers is available from the contact details on the back of your card.


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