Green Tree mortgage payment

Green Tree is the country’s leading loan service provider. The company is 30 years old, located in around 29 locations and has over 3000 employees. The company provides a variety of services and provides loan re-financing services to its customers. The company has outsourced collection services and is known to be specialist in so called “high touch” loans.

Green Tree has a total portfolio weight of $37 billion. It was acquired by Walter Investment Management in 2011. In terms of manufactured house loans, Green Tree has the largest portfolio in the United States.

Green Tree mortgage Bill Pay Services

You can pay Green Tree mortgage loans in a variety of ways:

Pay by phone

Call Green Tree customer service department and talk to a representative or pay through an automated telephone system. You can reach customer service on 1-800-643-0202. The phone service is available from 7 AM to 8 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday, and 7 AM to 1 PM Central time on Saturday.

Pay by Western Union

You can make payment through Western Union services by contacting their nearest office. Click here to check their offices or give them a call on 1-800-225-5227.

You must have a 9 digit Green Tree account number, along with your city, state and zip code. There is a Western Union fee for this service.

Pay by Mail

You can send your checks or payments to any of the address closest to you.

  1. Postal office Box # 94710
    Palatine, IL 60094-4710
  2. Postal office Box # 660934
    Dallas, TX 75266-0934
  3. Postal office Box # 7169
    Pasadena, CA 91109-7169

Pay online using GreenBill.Com Website

This is a great method of paying online and saving time and postage. You need to go here to login to your account.  Due to maintenance, the account is unavailable from 9 PM to 7 AM Central time on Sundays.

To create a new account, you can go here. You need to fill up the Email, last 4 digits of your Social Security number, account number and zip code to create the GreenBill account.

Not all accounts will be eligible for this method of payment; you might need to check with Green Tree customer service department for any issues.  If eligible, you will find a “Make payment” option available once you login to your online account. There might be a fee for this service.

Pay using Money Gram

Check at your local Money Gram office and pay off your mortgage loan installment. Green Tree’s receive code is 0314. You need to have access to your 9 digit Green Tree account number. There might be a fee for this service.

Automated Clearing house (ACH)

This is a free service available only to certain type of loans. Your checking or savings account is automatically debited on either the due date or a date selected by you. Not all loans are eligible for this type of payment option. To verify your eligibility, please consult Green Tree customer service.


Phone:  Call Green Tree customer service on 1-800-643-0202.

Email: You can send an e-mail to Green Tree services

For account specific issues click here

For quotes, click here.


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