Getting Access to Your GMAC Account Online

So, your bank accounts are through GMAC, and you need to access your account but either don’t want to go to the local branch office or can’t make it within operating hours.  You can get access to your account and balances online, and this can be a far easier method.  You have access any time you need it, and from any location with internet access.  You can pay all bills and mortgages via your online account, which can vastly increase your ease and speed of payment.

Creating an Online Account

Using your online account for the first time will require registering.  You need a valid email address, a stable internet connection, and your account paperwork that includes your account number and details.  You should have received this information and paperwork when you either created the account or signed your mortgage.  As you’re creating the account, make sure that all of the information that you’re entering is correct-if you ever lose your login information you will need accurate personal details to retrieve it.  If you are on a personal computer, registering the computer can also help increase the security of your account, as the GMAC website will email you a confirmation code for every other computer you intend to use to access your account, in order to prevent unauthorized account access.

Paying Your Mortgage

If your account was successfully created and you verified it properly, you will now have access to every portion of the account by using your login information.  If you intend to use your online account to facilitate the easy payment of the mortgage, it is very simple.  Every page of your account should have a ‘Mortgage’ tab or link near the top or side of the page, and clicking on it will bring you to the details or your mortgage.  There should be information on the page, such as how much you still owe, the total amount of interest so far, and the due date of the nest payment.  There should also be a link somewhere that says something similar to ‘Make a Payment’.  Clicking on the link will bring you to the payments page, where you must enter the relevant payment information exactly, in order to ensure prompt payment of your mortgage.

Automatic Payments

The payment page should have a check box or indicated option that will allow you to set up automatic payments in order to increase the ease of payments.  This option will allow you to set a date for the transfer of funds from your account to GMAC, with your only responsibility being the maintenance of adequate funds in the account and the accurate recording of the amount of paid funds to ensure that your account maintains solvency.

By using the GMAC website, you are able to remain in the comfort of your home, or access the account from any location with a wireless connection, making swift payment of your mortgage much easier.  For those with odd or long working hours, you also have access to the website at any time needed, rather than needing to adjust your working schedule or take a break in order to visit the local branch.  You also have an easier method to make extra payments if or when you have extra funds available.

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