Giant Eagle is a supermarket chain in the United States. Founded in 1933, the company operates through more than 400 stores, located mainly in the states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Maryland.

As a supermarket chain, Giant Eagle offers a wide range of products to its customers – right from bakery items, deli, frozen foods, meat & poultry, produce and more. Anything you are looking for from a supermarket, you can find at Giant Eagle. The company services more than 4.6 million customers annually and each supermarket carries around 20,000 to 60,000 unique items.

Giant Eagle Credit Card

Giant Eagle offers its own branded credit card in association with Comenity Bank. As a cardholder, members receive 4 cents off per gallon of fuel every time they spend $100 at any GetGo fuel stations. There is no limit on the amount of discounts one can earn – the more you spend on your Giant Eagle credit card, the more benefit you receive.

The credit card come with zero annual fee. The standard variable Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is charged at 24.99% . You will have 25 days to pay off your credit card bills otherwise you will be charged interest at a minimum of $1. Any failure to pay your monthly credit card bills on time will also attract a late payment penalty of up to $35. Similarly, you will also be charged a penalty of up to $25 for each returned check.

You can apply for a Giant Eagle credit card through this link. You will have to fill in some basic information like name, annual income, address etc. Once you have successfully applied and received your credit card, you may want to create an online account to manage it. You can register for the account through this link. Using your online account, you can conveniently monitor your credit card balance, pay your monthly bills, check rewards etc.

Giant Eagle Advantage Card

Once you sign up for a Giant Eagle Advantage Card, you receive a host of benefits. You will earn 10 cents per gallon at GoGeo stations for every $50 you spend using the card. You can load any special offers from the company website directly into your card and use it right away. You also get invites to special promotions, rewards etc. You will have the ability to create shopping lists, view your savings history, create your recipe box and much more. You can either sign up for the Giant Eagle Advantage Card by visiting any stores in your neighborhood or by calling customer care.

Although Giant Eagle is a supermarket chain, you also have other services at your disposal at their stores. For example, Giant Eagle offers an opportunity for you to send money to any of the more than 370,000 Western Union location from right inside their store. So if you want to send money immediately to your loved ones and you see a Giant Eagle store, you can visit it and send your money. Another additional service offered through the store is that you can book tickets for a variety of events – be it musical nights, sports events etc.

If you have any questions regarding the company on any matters, you can contact the Giant Eagle customer care center at 1-800-553-2324, Monday thru Friday 9AM – 9PM. You can also check out their website at www.gianteagle.com


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