Genworth Financial

Genworth is a leading financial institution in the US with a presence in all 50 states. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, the company aims to offers products that secures and protects the financial future of its customers. In 2012 alone, the company claims to hae distributed more than $3.2 billion in insurance benefits to its deserving customers.

Products Offered

The company offers a wide range of products to its customers including:

Genworth Financial Long Term Care Insurance

This is available for both individuals and group. The Long Term Care Insurance for Individuals  help people to cover the costs of an extended care at home, assisted living, nursing home expenses etc.  With this program, you can maintain your financial freedom while also helping you plan more efficiently for the services you may need in the future – where you receive your care from, who provides the care, other additional services etc. The Group Long Term Care Insurance is targeted more at businesses who are looking to offer additional perks to their employees. It can be offered as part of a company’s benefits package to help your employees protect their savings. The Linked Benefits program is targeted at customers looking to gain the benefit of both long term care and life insurance. Instead of purchasing two different products, the customer just has to buy a single Linked Benefits product.


Fixed Annuities can help you stabilize your retirement fund. In situations where the financial markets go for a wild swing, the fixed annuities remain unaffected and protect a portion of your retirement fund from any unwanted devaluation. Your funds are also protected against inflationary pressures. Annuities are also useful in increasing your overall growth utilizing the powers of tax deferral. Thus, you can ensure that every single dollar of your hard earned money is working for you to create a comfortable nest egg.

Genworth Financial Life Insurance

This helps you protect and secure the financial future of your family in case of your death. However, it also offers an attractive alternative income during your retirement. Life Insurance is a very important product for every family and Genworth can help you find the best policy for your needs.

Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance

A mortgage insurance helps you secure your home ownership from any unfortunate financial setback. A loan with mortgage insurance is the easiest and safest way to help you buy your dream home. The product offers competitive monthly payments, convenient and easier paperwork when compared against an FHA loan, tax deductions for mortgage premiums and more. You can also cancel the mortgage insurance once you build up sufficient equity for your home. You also get additional benefits like the Homebuyer Privileges which can help you get discounts of up to $3500 to buy the things you need for your home.

If you have any more question regarding Genworth or its products, you can contact the customer care service center at 1-888-436-9678 anytime between 9AM to 8PM EST, Monday thru Friday. You can also visit their website at http://www.genworth.com


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