Firstmark Services

Are you looking for a privately-funded educational assistance? Firstmark Services is ready to act as your mediator! The company dedicates itself in providing customer services for private student loans. Firstmark Services is a subsidiary of Nelnet, a lending corporate group based in Nebraska. Firstmark is one of the Nelnet Diversified Solutions business lines that offer services in the student loan business for about 9 years. All Nelnet subsidiaries, including FS, handle student loans management and repayments.

So what’s your next step?

Simply create your Firstmark online account by visiting www.firstmarkservices.com

Student borrowers

The company understands your future goals and aims at helping you achieve your dreams. All it takes is just a few hits and clicks. You may visit Firstmark’s official website to register  and be able to apply for a loan. Take note that you may have to create two accounts – one for your online registration, where you can view and manage your loan account; and another for your loan application.

Firstmark Services – Financial Institutions!

Firstmark offers a convenient student loans management solution to financial institutions. Using the company’s FirstFocus online system, you can access and evaluate student borrowers’ most updated relevant data. You can instantly access students’ loan details, including status of the loan, balance, payment info and history, disbursements, their pending applications, as well as the parties that are legally responsible of a certain loan.


With Firstmark’s FirstDegree service, you can access and download students’ demographics, loan details, their enrollment information, borrowers’ pending loan applications, disbursement data, and other important pieces of information. The company is dedicated to giving educational institutions easy-to-access solutions to their needs concerning student loans provided by Firstmark Services.

For further inquiries and other concerns Firstmark is ready to assist you. You can call them at 855-819-7139 between 7am and 8pm CT, Monday through Friday.


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