Extra Space Storage is a company dealing in real estate investment. The company is based in Salt Lake City. Extra Space Storage is also the second largest firm in the US dealing in self storage. This company has been operating in the self storage industry for a period of 30 years. It offers secure and attractive facilities to the customers. The prime objective of this company is to provide a customer oriented facility for maintaining the personal and business possessions of the customers. The company operates about one thousand storage properties in about 38 states. Extra Space Storage properties have about 550,000 units  over 59 million sq ft  of the rentable space.

Extra Space Storage Bill Payment

The following are some of the bill payments methods allowed by the  Extra  Space Storage company.

Extra Space Storage Online Billing

It is now a convenient option to pay your bill online. You need to visit the link www.extraspace.com. At the top right cornet you will find the pay bill link. When you are logging for the first time you would need a new account. Once your account is setup you will have an account id and then you can easily pay your bill online. The customer can easily view their balance online under My account. However, the company does not allow the publishing of invoices. The best aspect about online payments is that the website is credible and your payment transaction would not be a risky decision for sure.

Extra Space Storage Payment through phone

If you are uncomfortable with payment your bills online then opt in for paying the bills on the phone. You can raise your queries and acquire the relevant information from customer support service at (888) 586-9658.

Extra Space Storage Paying Bills through mobile application

Extra Space Storage has made paying bills a lot simpler than before. You can even pay your bills through your Smartphone. There are so many things that you can do using the mobile application launched by Extra Space Storage company. You can view your recent payment activity. If you intend to change any of your billing information it can easily be managed through your mobile application. The most convenient method to payments is through the autopay system. You can log into your account through your mobile. Once you are logged visit the payment link through the assistance of the mobile application. You can then choose the autopay option. You would need to give in your account details and enter your payment amount. Autopay is comparatively a hassle free process for making payments.

You can use any of the above mentioned methods to make your payments. If you are facing any problems raise your queries to the customer support service and they will walk you through the process of resolution.


The customer support service can easily be contacted on the following number (888) 586-9658. The fax number of the company is as follows Fax: (801) 562-5579. For any further details you can visit the office at 2795 E Cottonwood Pkwy Ste 400, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121-7033


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