Credit Union One Bill Pay

Credit Union One is one of the leading financial institutions in the US. Founded in 1938, the bank is headquartered in Michigan. It provides a full range of financial products to its customers ranging from deposit account, loans and more. Plus, they also offer an online Bill Pay service.

Using the Credit One Bill Pay option, customers now have a simpler way to pay their bills with any company. Once registered for the Bill Pay service, you can add in the payee company, select your bill amount and pay off the bills with ease. Credit One Bill Pay offers the following advantages to its customers.

  • 24X7 Access: Since this is an online payment solution, you can use this service any time you want. You do not have to take time off your busy schedule to pay your bills. You just need a web enabled device and internet access to pay your bills from the comfort of your home.
  • Avoid Paper Bills: By using this service, you may also have an option to avoid paper bills altogether. This is helpful if you do not want the clutter of bills in your home. Plus, you also help the environment.

Customers can choose from thousands of payees like DTE Energy, Kohls, Comcast, Sprint and many more. You can pay off your bills in any of the following two ways –

  • One Time Payment: This option is better suited for customers who do not want to set up any kind of automatic payments. Customers will have a better control over which bills should be paid when. They can make payments according to as and when they receive their income.
  • Recurring Payments: This payment option is suited for customers who receive a fixed monthly income. As such, they can set up recurring payments in advance for any of their biller. You can schedule recurring payments up to one year in advance.

You can use your checking account to make electronic payments. If you want to make a next day payment, then the payments must be scheduled before 4PM EST. Otherwise, your payment may only be made by the next business day.

To use the Credit Union One Bill Pay service, you must first register for online banking through this link. You will be required to submit your customer account number, social security number and certain other personal information to enroll in online banking. Once your registration is complete, you can login through this link, navigate to the “Pay Bills” option to start using the bill payment service.  The online account also offers additional benefits like the ability to track recent payments, view bill history and more. Plus, you can also set up bill reminders so that you never forget about making payments before the due date.

If you have any more questions regarding the Bill Pay service, you can contact the company’s customer care center at 800-451-4292 anytime between 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday. Additionally, you can also check out their official website at www.cuone.org


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