Consolidated Communications holds the honor of being one of the largest telephone companies in the United States of America. It provides advanced level communication services to business and residential customers in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Texas. This company offers a variety of services including internet access, digital television, local calling and long distance calling services. All the services are provided over the advanced IP-based network. Consolidated Communications has strived to upgrade the network for meeting essential requirements. This company offers exceptional customer care, high quality and reliable services. The prime goal of this company is to connect people and bring enrichment in their lives.

Consolidated Communications Bill Payment

Consolidated Communications offers the following bill payment services to clear out your bills.

Consolidated Communications Online Billing

Consolidated Communication promotes and encourages the paperless technology. You can now easily clear your bills online. You would need to log into your portal to pay your bill by visiting this link.

The next step is to choose Payments from the main menu. You would need to locate the payment button. This will lead to the appearance of Payment Detail popup screen. Now you would have to select the CCI account from the dropdown box that appears on the Payment Detail Popup screen. You can enter the bill amount in the Pay How Much field. However, you would need to take care of one thing. The entered amount should not be greater than your balance. It is also up to you to make your payment immediately or you may choose to make your payment later on. If you want to make your payment immediately click on Immediately checkbox.
If you want to make your payment later on then click on Schedule for Later checkbox. The payment detail popup will also have a change payment method option so if you choose to change your method you would need to select new payment method option. Once you have entered the payment details click the confirm payment button. Schedule for later option works well when you have to make the payment after two days. You would just have to select the Schedule Payment option in the payment details popup and set the date of payment. You can also opt for the auto payment option. You need to select the auto payment option from the payment details screen.
The next step would be to choose the autopay account, autopay method and choose the date of payment. You can decide amongst these three methods depending upon your convenience. If at any point you have any issues related to billing you can always contact the customer support service to help you out.


You may make your payments through mail as well in case you do not prefer making payments through the online payment method. The payment mailing address is
P.O. Box # 414500
Kansas City, MO 64141-4500

For Los Angeles the postal address is

Postal Office Box # 30697
Los Angeles, CA 90030-0697


You may call on the following numbers for your assistance

Business: 1.800.500.9000



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