Indianapolis Water – Bill Pay the Citizens Way

Citizens Energy Group is just what is says. They are dedicated to their value of fulfilling their promises to their citizens every single day.  They want to make sure that the quality of water they supply the community is just as comparable to the quality of customer service they receive.  They uphold the integrity of their business by honesty and openness.  They are just as committed to providing a variety of options for their citizens to pay for the services each month.  Citizens provides the Indianapolis community with great bill pay options that will be sure to satisfy their very need.

Budget Billing

When customers set up their account for budget billing, they will take out the surprise of their payment each month.  Budget Billing allows customers to better manage their money by knowing just what they will pay every single month.  To Enroll in Budget Billing customers can call 1-317-924-3311

Automatic Bank Deduction

Being able to set your account up for Automatic Bank Deductions customers no longer have to worry about sending their bill out each month, writing checks or buying stamps.  The Automatic Bank deduction automatically drafts your checking or savings account each and every month, when the bill is due.  Be sure to check with your financial institution before setting up a savings account for automatic deduction.  Some financial institutions do not allow savings accounts to be drafted.  Customers can enroll online for Automatic Bank Deduction.  Please be sure to pay your bill as you normally would until you are sure that your Automatic Bank Deduction has taken effect.

Indianapolis Water Easy Pay Online 

Customer can make a simple one time payment from their checking or savings account.  Using an online payment system called Easy Pay.  There is no service fee to use this method of payment.  Customers may also call 1-317-924-3310 for an automated service that will guide them through the payment process.

Pay By Phone with Credit Card

If customers choose to pay online they may use their credit card to make a payment.  Payment methods accepted are MasterCard, Visa or Discover.  To use this customer can call 1-317-924-3310.  There will be a service fee for using this method with a credit/debit card.

Indianapolis Water – Paperless Billing

Paperless Billing is an option for customers who no longer want to receive a paper statement in the mail.  To sign up for paperless billing you can enroll online.  Every month when your billing statement is available it will be sent to an email address that you provide.  You are able to view your usage, billing history, account information, and payments history.  To sign up for paperless billing just login to your account.

Mail Or Depository

Customers can return their billing statement with their check payment in pre-addressed envelope provided each month when their statement comes out.  If needed payments can also be dropped off at the depository box located at Twenty-First and Meridian Street.

With Citizens Energy Group customers will find that the services that are available to them are many that will work with any lifestyle. You also have the options to arrange flexible payments if you find you need help in making payments on your bill.  For more billing services customer can learn more here.


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