Bright House Networks Bill Payment

Bright House Networks is one of the largest cable systems operator in the United States. The company serves around 2.5 million customers. Founded in 2003, the company is headquartered in Syracuse, New York and offers a wide range of TV and Internet services.

Bright House Networks Bill Pay Options

As a customer of Bright House, you can pay your bills through any of the following ways

Bright House Networks Bill Pay Online

You can pay your bills comfortably through the internet. To do so, you will need to open an online account through this link. After submitting the required information, you will be able to register your account. You can then login and navigate to the payment area to pay off your bills using credit card or bank account. All major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard etc are accepted. You have two payment options available – one time or recurring. You can use the one time payment option to quickly pay your bill each and every month as per your convenience. Recurring payments can be set up to pay off your bills automatically. This option is ideal for customers who are looking for a set-it-up-and-forget-it payment method. In addition to bill payments, you also get the following benefits – ability to view your TV listings, viewing your outbound calls history, managing your phone voicemail and much more.

BrightHouse Pay Bill By Phone

You are also given the option to pay your bills through phone. You can get the payment phone number by visiting this link and choosing your service area. You can select your area from the top right hand corner. Phone payments are suitable for customers who may want to make an immediate payment but do not have access to internet.

Pay by Mail

For customers looking to pay their bills through mail, you can send in your checks at the payment address mentioned in your bill statement.  If you need to confirm the address, just visit this link  and choose your service are. When mailing, do not forget to include the coupon (in your monthly statement) together with the payment. Also remember that if your check is dishonored by your bank and returns to the company, then you may also be charged a penalty for the returned check.

In Person

To find an authorized location near you which accepts bill payments, visit this link. If you find a payment location near your home or workplace, you can directly walk into any of them and pay your bills.

Third Party

You can also pay your bills at any Amscot or Fidelity Express branches near you. You can find a nearest office by visiting their respective websites. Since this is a third party payment service, you will possibly be charged a service fee for the transaction.

In case of any doubts regarding billing or payments, you can contact the company’s customer care service center. To know the contact number, visit this link.  Alternatively, you can also check out their official website at www.brighthouse.com


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