Bloomingdale Credit Card Payment

Bloomingdale’s is a well known fashion retailer in the United States. Established in 1861, the company is headquartered in New York City. Bloomingdale’s has more than 40 stores throughout the country and also retails online. The company also issues credit cards in association with American Express.

Bloomingdale’s Credit Card Payment Options

If you have received your Bloomingdale’s Credit Card bill, you may want to know your available payment options. You can pay off your card bills through any of the following ways –

  • Online One Time: You can easily pay online by registering a personal account through this link. You will be required to submit your personal details preferences in order to successfully complete the registration process. Once completed, you can login through this link and start making your one time payments. You have the option to schedule the payment up to 45 days in advance. You can pay your bill using any US checking account. This is an absolutely free service that you can use to pay your bills instantly, whenever you want.
  • Automatic Payment: Using this payment option, your minimum monthly payment will be debited from your checking account automatically without needing any of your involvement. You simply have to set up this option once and you will never have to worry about paying your bills on time. Automatic Payment is an ideal method for those looking for a completely hassle free payment system. This is a free service and you can select this payment option from your online account.
  • Phone: For customers not interested in sharing their financial information online, they can pay their bills through phone. To do so, simply call 1-800-777-0000 and follow as instructed. Remember to keep your customer information and payment information handy while making the call so as to speed up the process. When customers are looking for a quick way to pay their bills and do not have internet access, then this is the best payment solution available.
  • Mail: For those of you who wish to pay through mail, you can do so by sending in your payments at the payment address mentioned in your billing statement. When paying through checks, remember that you may be charged a penalty in case of a returned check. So, ensure that your bank has enough funds to honor the checks when presented.
  • In Store: You can also walk into any of the Bloomingdale’s Stores and pay your bill in person. To find a store near you, visit this link. If you have a store nearby your home and workplace, then this may be the easiest payment option for you.

If you do not pay your bills on time, then you may find yourself charged with a late payment penalty. However, you may be able to get a due date extension and thus avoid the late payment penalty if you make such a request in advance. In case you need to know more about your payment options, you can call the company’s customer care center at 1-800-777-0000 anytime between 9AM and 9PM, Monday to Friday. You can also check out their website at www.bloomingdales.com


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