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Arizona Federal was established in 1936.  They started out with just a few members, less than 50 to be exact with an average balance of less than $50.00.  Over the years their members grew and so did their value.  They have become worth a value of over 1.3 billion dollars with more than 140,000 customers and over 17 branch locations.  They have grown not because of money they pull in but because of the way they run their business.  Arizona Federal is a member owned not for profit organization.  There they make sure that you find exactly what you are looking for in a bank and financial institution.  They listen to your needs concerns and give you honest feedback and assistance.  They are not there to make money they are there to help you save and earn yourself.  Their philosophy is all about helping people. Every penny that is brought back into the institution is gave back to every member.  Whether it is through their low interest, no fee services or high yields.  Arizona Federal makes sure that your money is right where it belongs, with you!

With Arizona Federal you will get everything you would expect to get.  Checking, Savings, competitive returns, Visa debit cards, online/mobile account access, loans to meet all your needs, surcharge free atms, credit score, car buying services and much much more.

Everything Account

Just what is the Everything account?  Well simply put its everything you need rolled up into one convenient account.  You will get both a checking and savings account.  You will get dividends on your checking account too.  You will not find that at any other bank.  You will receive the same dividend rate as you would find on your money market accounts.  You will have full account benefits such as mobile and online banking, atm debit cards, bill pay and much more.  If you are interested in learning more about the Everything Account with Arizona Federal click here now.

Arizona Federal Credit Union Auto Loans

Everyone knows how much of a hassle it can be to go to a dealership and attempt to get a loan for a vehicle.  Usually what happens is you are pressured into a sale with high interest rates and a vehicle that you simply settled for.  Well with Arizona Federal you wont have to simply settle.  They will get the loan and the car right the first time around.  You will find that they have the most competitive loan rates around.  You won’t be pressured into something you are not really wanting.  They will make sure that you are in the car you want and that you are happy!  When you get a car loan through Arizona Federal you can get loan terms up to 84 months, no prepayment penalty, optional extended warranty on qualifying cars, and much more. Find out just what Arizona Federal can do for your Auto Loan needs.

Arizona Federal Credit Union Credit Cards

Now you can have an awesome credit card with no annual fees, no cash advance fee, low-interest, zero liability, and even earn points for purchases and travel.  To learn more about Arizona Federals Platinum credit card click here.

Arizona Federal Credit Union Customer Service Number

1-(602) 683-1000

1-(800) 523-4603

or email them at:



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