America First Credit Union

America First Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions in the United States. Founded in 1939, it is headquartered at Riverdale, Utah. America First offers a wide range of products and services like savings accounts, checking accounts, consumer loans and more. It also offers a Bill Pay service targeted at customers looking for a simpler way to pay their monthly bills.

America First Credit Union Bill Payment Benefits Online

  • The Bill Pay service is completely safe and secure. Transactions are conducted through encrypted channels and use the latest security protocols to ensure that your payments always reach the destination.
  • You can use the Bill Pay service to pay your bills with almost any leading US company. Whether it is your electricity company, daycare provider, utility service or any other business, you can easily add them as a biller and pay off their monthly bills with ease. However, even though you can make tax payments and court order payments through this service, it is not encouraged. The billers receive their payments within 2 days. So, keep this in mind when deciding your date of payment.
  • You have two payment options. You can either choose to make a one time payments or schedule recurring payments. The one time payment option is suitable for customers who want to control when they pay each of their bills. The recurring payment method is for customers who do not want to be bothered with the nuances of making the payment. In this method, your monthly bills will be paid off automatically one you set up your payment preferences.
  • You can opt to receive electronic bills. Such a decision will help in avoiding paper bills and their clutter. Plus, this is also an environment friendly option.
  • Customers can also save money by using the Bill Pay option since they will not have to spend for ordering checks, purchasing envelopes, buying stamps etc.
  • Plus, since this is an online service, you have the convenience of using it from anywhere you want, at anytime you wish. You do not have to make time from your work schedule to pay your bills. Instead, you can login to the Bill Pay service any time you are free and make a quick payment.

America First Credit Union Login to Bill Pay Online

In order to use the Bill Pay service, you must first register for an online account.  You can do so through this link.

apps americafirst com

Once your registration is successfully complete, you can then login to your personal account and start using the service.

www americafirst com login

To use the Bill Pay service, you must first meet the following account requirements:

  • An active America First Checking Account
  • Either a zero limit Debit Card or a Line of Credit protection
  • A Valid email id that can be used for creating your online account
  • You should also have a valid United States address

America First Credit Union Phone Number

If you need to know more about America First Credit Union Bill Pay service, you can contact the company call center service at 1-888-751-5091 anytime between 8AM to 8PM MST, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can also visit the their website at www.americafirst.com


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