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Humana is a US based health care provider that is for profit and has business interests in Asia and Western Europe. They provide dental, medical, vision, life, and supplemental insurance. Established in 1961, Humana has 13 million customer in the United States.

Humana is accredited by URAC (the largest healthcare accreditor in the US), CORE certification, and NCQA. Humana has won dozens of awards from two “Best place to work” awards to individual awards for Jean Bisio and Patty Dale Tye as “Women to Watch.”

Humana is about total health and even offers information on their website on how to get and stay healthy.

Humana medical insurance Coverage

There are several options for health insurance available from Humana.

Humana Personal Care Account

The Personal Care Accountis a low deductible, high premium health care plan. This is combined with a health spending account. The health services on which the spending account can be used are limited to that which your employer will allow. There is also a cap on out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Humana Coverage First Plan

Expenses are paid up front and protections from the unexpected, serious injury or illness, are provided. This is a likely plan for those whose medical claims are under $500 per year. There is no extra charge for preventative care and there is an out-of-pocket maximum.

Preferred Provider Organization

It allows you to use in-network providers and gives you a discount when you do so. Out-of-network providers are covered, but at a price. You will pay higher copayments and deductibles if you go outside the system. This could be a problem when searching for specialized care. However, should you ever need a specialist, a referral will be unnecessary with this particular plan.

Health Maintenance Organization

With this plan you can choose traditional or open access. However benefits are paid only when using in-network providers and out-of-network providers are to be used only in the event of an emergency. This option is not as lenient as the PPO option, however if you choose lower costs over specific providers you can save some money with this plan.

Point of Service

Point of service is similar to the above mentioned PPO, there are discounts for in-network providers and higher costs for out-of-network providers. These plans are the most flexible as they at least offer the option of going out of network.

Humana Classic

If you are willing to pay a little more to keep costs for providers the same across the board, then the Humana Classic might be the plan for you. Choose any provider, even keep the same provider after switching. Humana Classic has no network, liberating you from the obligation of choosing from doctors pre-chosen by a faceless company. You make the criteria with this plan, you do your own research.

What about Humana’s other services

The dental plans have the same basic options that the medical insurances do. Some plans offer benefits for choosing in-network, you can also opt out of the system by paying slightly higher rates for any doctor.

There are two types of vision insurance: Vision Care Plan and Exam Plus. With VCP you get yearly eye exams, discounts on eyewear, and benefits for staying in-network.

With Exam Plus you pay a $10 copay for a yearly eye exam and you must stay in-network. They make up for this by offering dicounts on LASIK and PRK.


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