State Auto Insurance bill pay

Extremely discouraged by all of the horrible services provided in the insurance industry back in 1921, four very determined people took it into their own hands to form and create the State Auto insurance company.  They wanted to finally provide something to public that they could trust and rely on if their services were needed during an accident or bad circumstance. They now are stronger than ever and cover the United State with low rates on everything from auto, home, boats, and even businesses.


Being practical, safe, and covered should be the priority with anyone in the United States who has something to protect. With State Auto Insurance bill pay and coverage, you can not only manage all of these things simply and efficiently, but will also be able to have trust in the company you have provide these services to you. If you are covered fully with either; Auto, Home, or even Business insurance, you have the power to choose how you are covered. And then you can even have access to customize your auto insurance, obtain certain products for different times in your life, replace a totaled vehicle, and be towed or have work done on your car.

Being Educated and Aware

Evaluating and figuring out what type of coverage you may need is instrumental. The next step into calibrating and understanding your coverage, is to just educate yourself and family on what you’ll want to be ready for during and after any emergency and disaster. There is so much information needed and to be understood, but State Auto can help you through it all!

Paying Your Bill Online

Once you have purchased a policy, or already have one, you can access this through the State Auto Insurance Bill Pay feature through State Auto online. Once there, all you have to do is enter your policy number, and then be you will be transferred to your account page. After that, you enter any credit card information that is needed and then you can make your payments swiftly, safely, and efficiently; or even store your credit card if you want to make automatic payments every month. If needed, you may also submit a claim online through your profile account. If want to make one time payment without signing up click here. If you are arleady enrolled you can pay your Auto Insurance Bill here.

Pay By Phone:

Call 1-800-444-9950, extn 5118 and follow the instructions to complete your payment. Payments over the phone can be made using your bank account or Visa or MasterCard cedit/credit cards.


Electronic Fund Transfer

You can also set up automatic withdrawls from your saving or checking accounts. To iniate the process call 1-800-444-9950, option 3 or fill in the authorization form for your policy.

Your Agent

For any specific services not provided online; i.e. changing policies, adding policies, or even trying to add a driver to a policy, is something that your agent will be able to take care of.  They are located in your current region and assigned specifically to care for your needs and for those within your family or policies. You can contact each agent individually. They are there to help keep you safe and sound for almost any situation. Ask questions and keep on top of changes that may occur. Anything else that is needed, you can always access online through the State Auto Insurance bill pay system.


You can call State Auto Insurance at 800-444-9950; Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET for any information or questions that you may need answered. 


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