Sprint is a leading communications company operating in the United States. The company was founded in 1899 and is currently headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. Sprint is one of the largest telecommunication service providers in the country with a customer base in excess of 50 million.

Sprint PCS Bill Pay Options

Customers using a Sprint PCS service plan have the following ways to pay their bills:

    Sprint PCS Online

    You can pay your Sprint PCS bills through the internet. You will need to open an online account at the Sprint website in order to pay online. You can register through this link. After registration is complete, you can login to your personal account, navigate to the bill payment section and pay off your bills. You can pay your Sprint PCS bills using credit card, debit card or bank account. This is the best payment method available when you want to make an instant payment without any hassles. Plus, when you opt for e-bill, you will also eliminate the need of paper bills.

      Sprint Payment Card

      This is a special card issued by Sprint which can be used to pay your bills. A small service fee will be charged if you use this option. To find out the nearest location offering these cards, you can call at 877-701-2324.

        Pay By Mail

        If you want to pay through mail, then you can do so by using checks or money orders. Send in your payments together with the remittance stub in the envelope that accompanies your monthly bill statement. Remember that mail payments take some time to be processed. Therefore, this is not an ideal option if you want to make an immediate payment.

          Pay By Phone

          You can also pay your bills through any Sprint PCS phone. Just dial *3 from the phone and follow the instructions to make the payment. You should have your payment information ready while making the call so as to speed up the process. When you want to make an instant payment and you do not have internet access, then this is the best payment option available.

            Pay In Store

            Of you have a Sprint store near you, then you can pay your bills directly at the store. You can also utilize the Automatic Payment Center within the store to quickly pay the bill. Payments are posted in about 4 hours. To find out a Sprint store near you, visit this link.

              Pay on Radio Shack

              You can also walk into any Radio Shack store and pay your Sprint bills. In order to make the payment, you need to provide your Sprint phone number. Since this is a third party service, you will be charged a small convenience fee.

                Pay By Western Union

                Like Radio Shack, you can also pay your Sprint bills at any Western Union branches located any where in the US.
                  If you need more clarifications regarding your Sprint PCS bill pay options, you should contact the Sprint customer care at 1-866-866-7509. You can also visit the company website at www.sprint.com for more details.


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