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Publishers Clearing House (PCH), headquartered in Port Washington, NY, is a multi-channel direct marketer of value-based merchandise, magazines and promotional offers and a leading provider of digital “play and win” entertainment.”  This company promotes subscriptions to new customers for several different magazines through their many different promotions, games, and sweepstakes.  You are also able to buy Publishers Clearing House merchandise.

Give Aways

Publishers Clearing House gives away millions of dollars a year to the general public just for signing up and buying products through their website. You can also create a profile and earn tokens through the many different games to win cash and prizes.  PCH is a trusted advertising, sweepstakes, and marketing company, and has been in operation since 1953.

Publisher’s Reputation

Compared to many other companies in this industry; Publishers Clearing House is one of the most known and trusted names in the sweepstakes category. They are a company of integrity and have over ten million people visit their websites per year.  Throughout the eleven websites that PCH holds, and not to mention the numerous television commercials, direct mail, and internet advertising, they have cornered the market on the sweepstakes genre.

Progress Over the Years

If you have ever seen the commercials of surprised and glowing people being handed large checks with amazing amounts of money, you probably know the name “Publishers Clearing House”.  The Publishers Clearing House website states; “Publishers Clearing House was founded in 1953 by Harold and LuEsther Mertz and their daughter, Joyce Mertz-Gilmore.” Its history comes from a family business that started as a direct mail advertising company for magazines. They built this company from the ground up bringing customers up to date information and specials on the magazines that they offered. They were geared to bring the savings and market to your front door.

The company began to start to understand it’s consumers through their mailing system, while creating and setting a better standard on what it really meant to be in advertising. After fourteen years of being in business, Publishers Clearing House needed to set an even higher standard and bring those consumers more who were looking for something other than just buying a product.

They then implemented the sweepstakes element to the company, so that consumers would not only buy the products from magazines that they represented, but to also feel that their purchase was more than just another product that they would buy. They were all of sudden apart of the company, and had a chance to gain more from their purchases and subscriptions.

Publishers Clearing House was finally turning into its own brand. After gaining more popularity from the public and becoming a recognized household name from the emotional connections people could create from the “PCH Prize Patrol” commercials. The company was finally becoming recognized as a place that not only could you buy the magazines you needed, but it was now known as a place that could change even the most average life. The company and its services are now available throughout all platforms of media, and are available in the United States and Canada.

Create Your Account and get started

When you first enter the Publishers Clearing House website, you will first need to create an account. This can be easily done by clicking the top of the website on the right hand side. There is a button labeled “register”, and you will need to click this in order to start using the PCH features.  You will then be prompted to follow the directions from there by entering all of your information that is needed to create an account. You will also be entered into one of Publishing Clearing Houses latest sweepstakes.

Creating an account will ensure that you will be able to use any of the services provided by any of the “PCH” websites. This is a place that you can go to to check on any orders that you may have, update balances on your account, pay any balances, or even update your method of payment. In order for you to utilize any of the features and products that are available to you at Publishers Clearing House, you will need this account to manage all that you wish to do.

Having an account with Publishing Clearing House allows you to have many privileges. You will be able to enter sweepstakes, buy products, play games, manage your account and information, or even win one of the many sweepstakes that Publishing Clearing House offers.

This account is yours alone to use. Do not give out this information to anyone that you do not know or trust. You will be able to log in at anytime and use your account.

Publisher’s Clearing House Credit Cards

As we go through Publisher’s website and have discovered the many options of products and subscriptions that are offered, we can now figure out the best way to pay for it all. Of course the traditional ways of paying for these products through money orders or check are an option, but the best and most efficient way to purchase these products would be through a credit or debit card.

Equally important, we do find that the “PCH” website takes any credit or debit cards with the Visa, MasterCard, or Discover logo. These credit or debit cards are only accepted from the United States or Canada. “PCH” also shows us if you need to cancel any of your subscriptions from any of the magazines that you have purchased through their company within a certain timeframe; you will receive a full credit back onto your credit card.

Most Convinient Way to Buy Products

Using a credit or debit card on this site will be one of the most convenient and thorough ways to receive and buy any of the products. You will be able to save this information on their secure servers and on your profile. To even access this part of your profile, you will need to re-enter the customer account and identification number. You will be able to change this credit card information at any time, and even add another form of payment if the need should arise. Any of the information, and or credit cards that you enter into the “PCH” database will be encrypted. The strong security measures that are also taken will ensure that all of the credit card information you input will be safe.

Any information that you use to purchase, or buy products with will not be given to third parties. Anything that you use to buy from “PCH” will not be sold to any other provider. The information that you put on your profile regarding credit card or debate cards will only be available to you and the company.

Tons of Discounts and Savings

With all of the amazing offers and sweepstakes that are offered on this site, you will also be given many chances to save on the subscriptions that you purchase. If you do need to use or add a credit card to your account, all you have to do is select a magazine subscription that you would like to purchase. Once you have selected the right product for you, you will then be given an option on how you would like to pay. This is where you enter your personal credit card information to make the purchase.

Using your credit card to purchase from the “PCH” website will allow you to purchase your desired “PCH” products or magazine subscriptions with ease! You will always have a choice on how you use your credit card information on this site. You are in charge of how you charge. If you don’t feel comfortable, you are always able to opt out and take off your credit or debit cards from your account. Publishers Clearing House is privacy certified, and has a large employee base that will always be available to you if any problems should arise.

Publishers clearing house is a long standing and trusted company that has been around in the United States for decades. Utilizing the many amazing and secure features that this website offers is a great way to buy magazines, and to even try your luck everyday for an amazing payday! You can sign up for free, and start to immediately use many of the awesome savings that comes from having a membership with Publishers Clearing house.  You may even become one of their newest millionaires.


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