Paying an Insurance Bill or Premium

So, you’ve chosen to insure yourself or your car using Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company, your monthly premium has come due, and you need to figure out how to pay this premium.  There are several methods you can use.  Unfortunately, it is typically not possible to pay your premiums in person at your local branch.

Paying over the Phone

If you choose, you have the option of paying your premium over the phone, although this can be a very irritating, time consuming method of payment.  In order to do this, you must have a reliable phone signal and quick access to all of your account information.  If your phone drops the call halfway through, you will have to start the entire process over, including any holding or waiting time involved in the original call, perhaps lengthened.  During peak business hours, calling to make a payment can take an hour, and the wait is only increased if you require special assistance.  Paying over the phone should also not be done in public places because you have to speak personal banking information into your phone, which can be easily stolen by an observant listener.

Paying Via Mailed Check

If you decide to not take the time involved in calling in a payment, you can also mail Globe Insurance your payment.  This requires that you know the correct address and that you have a checking account with available checks.  Each check needs your account number written on it somewhere, in order for the money to be applied to the correct account.  You also need to remember to mail the check early enough in the month that it will not be counted as a late payment, which can affect the status of your insurance coverage.  The postal service is also one of the least predictable methods of payment-if you are not careful, your check could end up lost or stolen, which prevents Globe Insurance from receiving it.

Online Payments

If you cannot call or mail your payment, then the only option left for your is online payments, which are actually remarkably easy to do.  First, you will need a virus-free computer with a steady internet connection, as well as either a credit or debit card in order to make your payment.  You will also need your original account paperwork in order to set up your account to ensure that you are paying for your own insurance.  When you set up your account, you need to ensure that all of the information that you are inputting is entirely accurate, or you might not be able to access your account again.  Once the account is created and verified, you can navigate to the payment page and select your payment method.  You can also choose to have your payment recur every month without your intervention, although this brings with it an associated amount of risks.

Making insurance payments is extremely important, and if you let your car insurance go without payment you can actually get in serious legal trouble, so making sure that your payment methods will consistently work for you is paramount.  Luckily, Globe Insurance has several methods of payment for you to use.


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