Mediacom Cable

Mediacom Cable is a leading cable TV and Internet service provider in the US. They serve more than1500 districts in smaller towns and cities across America. Yet the digital services company boasts of superior and high quality service and customer care at par with major digital providers in bigger, highly urbanized cities.

Whether you’re new at Mediacom or an existing customer, there is always a special package for you to enjoy more exciting digital experience. Here are your options:

MediaCom paks (bundles)

Get an all-in-one service for a very reasonable cost. By subscribing to a bundle service, inclusive of a high-speed internet connection, unlimited cable TV access, and a phone service, you get all your most desired services for just a single low fee each month. Yet you have the option of adding supplemental features to enhance your Mediacom experience, no matter your lifestyle. There are 3 available bundles to choose from namely Elitepak, Performancepak, Featurepak, and Valuepak. These services vary in internet speed, features included, and pricing.

Cable-powered Television

With this premier digital services company, get more, higher quality content. Enjoy more than 165 television and music channels. Do you want an uninterrupted movie marathon and awesome primetime viewing experience? Choose or customize a plan today that’s perfect for your family and start viewing free HD at no additional fee.

Broadband Internet

Dial-up is no longer an option in this age and time. So choose from among Mediacom’s fast internet connection from 3 Mbps to up to 105 Mbps! Evaluate your daily internet usage and check out the speed that matches your web needs. Whether it’s for private use or for your entire family, there is a package that lets you truly enjoy the World Wide Web.


Where else can you get local and countrywide calling for one flat rate? If you’re looking for a phone service that offers both local and nationwide calling for a single fixed cost, it’s high time you change your phone to Mediacom. Now you don’t have to worry about the minutes you spend calling to your loved ones. With one plan, you will get 17 call features such as call waiting and caller ID, for free.


Every business deserves the most advanced internet service to ensure success and efficiency at the workplace. Mediacom offers the best and higher digital service solutions to meet every enterprise’s needs. Whether you’re a startup, a small or medium enterprise, find the most personalized service for your company. Businesses can choose from the wide array of service bundles. You can even customize a bundle that you yourself designed to satisfy your company’s specific needs.

Home Security

Your family deserves security and peace of mind. That’s why it is also Mediacom’s mission to provide American families the option to upgrade their home security via the company’s advanced Home Controller service. It provides round-the-clock monitoring, mobile video access, personalized security alerts, 24-hour emergency response, remote access, and security sensors.

Check the availability of Mediacom in your community and see which package is best for you. Or call 800-479-2028 for product inquiries.


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