Mediacom delivers flawless digital services throughout America. The company believes in providing top quality digital services to smaller American cities as well. These digital services are at par with the digital services available in Metropolitan cities. Mediacom has made a major investment for building a reliable fiber optic infrastructure that is available nationwide. The prime objective of this fiber optic infrastructure is to deliver a wide variety of advanced services and products that include high speed internet, phone service and digital cable TV. The organization has a dynamic workforce of about 4,700 employees making an effort to make the business reach greater heights.

Reliable Payment methods

The following are dependable payment methods that make bill payments a lot easier and convenient.

1)Pay by Mail            

Initially Mediacom was making use of the mail method to send the billing statements to the respective customers. Once you receive the mail you can either mail your bill payments to Mediacom or even drop the payment at the Billing center of the organization. You would need to find out the billing center in your area. You can simply find this information by visiting this page. Secondly to make things easier for you the billing address will also be available on your bill. This way making payments would not sound that tough.

2) Eco-billing

Mediacom has now switched to the paperless technology. This method is not only eco-friendly, but it is a more convenient option. You do not need to receive your bills through mail anymore. You can easily receive your monthly charges online through the Eco-billing system. However, you would need to enroll for the Eco-billing system first. You would need to register with the Mediacom website. Secondly you would have to select the checkbox that would indicate that you are not interested in receiving your bills through mail. Secondly you would need to submit the payment page. Click on Modify or setup a recurring payment through your checking or saving account. The current recurring payment clientele have an additional incentive. They can be a part of eco-billing as well. They just have to check the Paperless statement option on the Change Account information once they log into My Account.

3) Payment through phone

You can even pay Mediacom bills through phone. You would simply need to call on 1-888-333-4039. This is also comparatively a more convenient option then visiting the billing center and making the payments.


The most convenient way of contact is through the email. You simply need to fill in an online form by visiting the link. It would take about 24 hours to process your request and you would get a reply within 2 to 3 days. You can also get in touch with the Mediacom customer support service by calling 1-855-633-4226. Closed captioning issue can be emailed to closedcaption@mediacomcc.com.  Additionally you can fax your queries at (845)-698-4069. You can also opt for the Mediacom chat to communicate with the customer support right away and get the answers to your queries immediately.


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