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PrimeLegacyYou have a Legacy Visa card, and you’ve charged something to it.  All well and good, yes?  Now you just have to pay your credit bill to keep it from accumulating interest and dragging down your credit score.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Making Payments Online

Online payments on your credit card can be amazingly convenient and easy to use, especially because of the sheer availability and stability of internet connections in most locations.  As with every method of payment, you will need a bank account with your own money in it in order to pay your credit card bill online.  You will also need to create your online account by visiting the website and entering all of your account information into the relevant fields.  If you find yourself having difficulties with this, you can also visit your local bank branch and have an employee help you set up your online account.  Once you have the account, you will be able to view the current balance, the amount of interest on the balance, and the minimum payment required to allow you to still use your credit card.  Once you’ve navigated to the payment page, you will need to enter the information of your bank account in order to process the payment.  You will need to do this every month there is a balance on your card.

Making Payments at Your Bank

If you have easy access to the bank where you got your credit card, you can visit the local office and pay your bill in person, but this is only an option for those people who have plenty of time free to visit the bank during the hours of operation.

Making Payments by Phone

You can also make your payments over the phone, but this method has the largest potential amount of irritation, due to waiting or holding times.  You also can be forced to start the entire process over from the beginning if your phone decides to drop the call, and this is one of the more insecure methods of payment, especially if you choose to make your payment in a public place, as you will have to give a complete stranger your bank account information in order to pay, and you have no idea who might be listening in.  Most telephone payment methods also have set business hours which might not be feasible for you to use, if your work schedule is also during those hours.

Making Payments Via Mail

If you have confidence in the postal system, you can mail your payment to the office of the your credit card company.  This method requires you to have a checking account and a check available, and it also requires that you remember to write your account number on every check you mail as a payment in order for it to be applied to your credit card account.  You also run the risk of your check getting lost or stolen in the mail, which can be very bad.
Paying a credit card bill is one of the biggest responsibilities involved in owning a credit card, and there are many different options available for you to pay your bill.  Pick the one that suits you the best.



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