Lumber Liquidators For All Your Flooring Needs

Lumbar liquidators sell all types of flooring online. Some of the types are solid hardwood, laminate, vinyl, bamboo and cork. Lumbar liquidators aim to make all their flooring of the highest quality. They also aim to offer it to their customers for a highly competitive price too.

Save up to 50% of the original price

In fact the week from May 28 to June 3 you can make big savings by getting nearly 50% off. This is the equivalent of a buy one get one free deal. It is possible to make incredibly big savings with these types of prices during this week.

Do you need any advice on flooring?

Lumbar liquidators make it possible for you to have an online consultation with one of their experts through either online chat or by calling them. If you are new to flooring you need not worry as help is just very close.

Need flooring later?

You may not need any flooring at the moment, but the time will come when you will require it later on. You can prepare for this time by signing up for email updates from Lumbar liquidators. This will keep the name of your flooring experts fresh in your mind. It will also help you to know each and every new deal which will come up.

Order a free catalog

Lumbar liquidators have a free catalog which they supply to their customers. You can order this online, so that you can have a look at all their deals and types of flooring available. Moreover it will also help keep the name of Lumbar liquidators fresh in your mind when you require any flooring in the future.

Easy to search for flooring on website

Lumbar liquidators have a very easy to search on website. If you require any particular type of floor it is possible to search for it by entering the specifications onto the form created on their website. Here you will specify whether you need the floor for above ground or below. Then you choose whether your flooring will be on concrete or over wood subfloor. You can then enter the color that you are looking for as well as your price range. What a simple way to help find what you really require.

Moulding and accessories

In addition to your flooring requirements, you will need other moulding to complete the look of your floor. Lumbar liquidators supplies all these as well. Underlay, insulayment, baseboards and floor cleaners are supplied by them as well.

Floor grills, vents and grates

Grills for air entry, adhesives for sticking the floor and special floors for dancing are available too. There is the dura dance home system which will absorb energy and keep on providing an even surface to dance on. Any flooring needs for any activities will be satisfied by Lumbar liquidators.


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