Endeavour Communications is a telecommunication company in the United States. The company focuses on providing its services to rural areas and currently has more than 8800 members who use over 9700 access lines.

Endeavour Communications Services Offered

Endeavour Communications offers a wide range of services to its customers in all spheres of communication. Some of them include:

  • Telephone: Endeavour’s phone service is powered by the latest in fiber optic technology. You will have the freedom to add over 20 calling features like Called ID, Voicemail, 3-way calling, call waiting etc. Endeavour offers a complete one stop solution for your calling needs – you get one bill for your local and long distance services. It also offers low cost easy to use 800 services. You can also use the optional security code to prevent any unauthorized use of your long distance services.  Plans start from a monthly subscriber fee of $1.50 and a per-minute price of 14.9 cents.
  • Internet: Endeavour E-Force internet service offers high speed solutions to all your internet, gaming or video watching needs. It also comes with a fully collaborative and integrated email service powered by Google, having up to 5 email accounts, up to 15 GB of email storage and unlimited data. Plan speeds range from 6Mbps to 50Mbps.
  • Television: Endeavour television service claims uninterrupted transmission during thunderstorm or even with a misdirected dish. You can choose from a wide array of sports, family, movies and other entertainment channels. You also have additional options like Pay Per View (PPV), Video On Demand (VOD), HD channels and TV recording abilities like Whole Home Digital Video Recorder (WHDVR). You also get access to WatchTVEverywhere – a unique application which, as the name suggests, helps you watch your TV programs anywhere you like through your mobile phones.
  • Security: The Endeavour E-Shield is targeted at families who are looking for an efficient home security system. It offers burglar intrusion & detection, 24/7 monitoring, temperature probes, flood detection, medical alert system and smoke/fire protection. With E-Shield, you can ensure that your family or your business is completely safe and secure. It also has a medical alert system which offers a wireless two way voice communicator. This allows the elderly or the needy to communicate instantly to the monitoring stations in case of any emergencies. The basic Endeavour E-Shield solution starts at $24.95/month and you can select additional add-ons like smoke/fire protection, flood detection etc.

You can also combine your telephone, internet and television services together to avail of super discounts. For example, Triple ePacks offer internet, TV, WHDVR, HD and phone services in a single package with prices as low as $133.95/month. Similarly, there are many Double ePacks available which club together two of these services. Their prices start from $74.95/month.

If you have anu questions regarding Endeavour Communications and its services, you can contact the company;s customer support center at 1-800-922-6677. You can also visit their website at www.weendeavour.com


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