Dress Barn Credit Card

Paying with credit is easier; more secure, and can even save you some money. Signing up is easy, and once you receive your new card you can begin using it immediately after activation. Credit is more secure than cash, and offers more benefits. Credit cards can be easily replaced if lost or stolen. There are also many cards that offer rewards and points for loyal use.

The Dress Barn Credit Card and its Offering

With some cards, like the Dress Barn credit card, having an account means special and exclusive offers on promotionals that only come with an account. You can make purchases securely, knowing that your points are adding up. Soon enough you will earn something back just for using your credit card. You can also receive 10% off your total purchase.

You will also receive notices of sales. You can use your card during these sales and receive an extra 10% off which can take off a large chunk of your total purchase price. Shop with confidence. By using a credit card your discounts are deeper which leaves more money in your pocket.

Making Payments

Payment is easy, too. Payment can be made online or in-store, which saves you the trouble of paying over the phone or by direct mail. By paying in-store you have the opportunity to use your card more while you’re at the store, which means even more rewards. The options are endless.

Other Perks

With exclusive credit card only promotions, you will be able to receive savings on several items throughout the year. These are offered to account holders only, available only if you use your credit card. With a Dress Barn credit card, you can have that special something now, without having to save up for it. The special offers are available for as long as you have an open account.

If there is ever an error in purchase with a credit card, the store gets charged the fee instead of you. Not so with cash or debit. Having a store card is a worry-free commitment, a membership created to make your life easier.

With a credit card, you can shop online and have access to even more special deals without even leaving the comfort of your home. Just enter your card information at the secure checkout and your items will be on their way.

The value of having a credit card is being able to shop anytime, anywhere. It’s access to special deals available exclusively to card holders. It’s paying your bill quickly and easily online or in-store. With a credit card you hold a world of possibilities in your wallet.

Applying for a Dress Barn Credit Card

Applying for a card is easy. Just fill out some standard credit information at www.dressbarn.com/credit-card and wait a few moments to find out if you’re approved for a card that offers you savings and deals galore.


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