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deltanetDelta is one of the world’s largest and most used Air-plane companies in the entire world. The name itself is a brand, and they use everything to benefit their employees and take care of anyone who works for them. This company has been around for eighty five years, and continues to support the community around them with charity and donations throughout the United States and beyond. One of the best aspects of Delta is being able to use these benefits to better others and for the employees that make this all possible.

The Portal: dlnet.delta.com

Logging into the portal will allow you as an employee to access all of your benefits, health insurance, buddy passes/complimentary boarding passes, and more.
For Example:
dlnet delta com
Although you do need a user name and pass code, which will be issued to you through the company itself when you give them your information as you sign up for the portal itself.  Logging in here will also give you access to the company hand books, HR, 401k information, and your tax information. Everything here is a one stop shop. All you need is your Delta Passport credentials to get into the Extranet Landing Page.

Travel Guide

As a non-employee, or a family member of an employee, you still have access to free airfare or airfare at discounted prices if you know someone within the company. These amazing and awesome perks will allow you travel the world and do it on a budget. The portal will guide you through as a guest, and instruct you on what to do next. Be ready to have the employee’s information handy so that you can receive these benefits. If you’re a buddy rider or even an employee yourself, you will need these to log in. Use the PDF files labeled on the ride hand side of the page to access any instruction that you may need.

Extranet Landing Page

This specific page itself is built to accommodate any needs of all their employees. You can access manager links, social media sites, and then eventually log into your own employee portal. This is where you start to gain all of the benefits for your employment. This site is the main place of traffic for anyone who works for delta to go.

Contacting Technical Support

If you have any issues logging into your portal, you must contact Tech. Support to make sure that all of your information is entered correctly, and that you are an employee of Delta. They will walk you through any issues that you may have, then get you access into your employee portal through the Extranet Landing Page, on DeltaNet – dlnet.delta.com. This is a great way to take advantage of anything offered to you. Check into this portal regularly to keep updated on any company changes. You will be logged in once you have your username, and then have access to everything Delta can give you.


Contact Phone Number: 1-888-714-05-29
Support Phone Number: 404-714-43-57



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