Commerce Insurance Company

Formerly known as Commerce Insurance Group, the Commerce Insurance Company is an American insurer providing personal, commercial, and casualty insurance products in the states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Their key services include personal auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and business insurance.

With Commerce Insurance, you can get a policy that is customizable to your specific needs. Whether you want to obtain protection for your brand new car, your home, or your business, you have a comprehensive range of product options from a leading American insurance company.

Auto Insurance


Commerce provides a complete protection not just for your private vehicle while on the road, but also for yourself, and your loved ones! The Massachusetts Auto Insurance policy is comprised of 12 sections; four of which are required according to state law and the rest are optional parts such as collision, towing, medical and funeral services and so on.


New Hampshire

Commerce Insurance offers a wide range of auto insurance coverage to New Hampshire car owners. Get liability coverage, medical assistance, uninsured motorist coverage, collision, temporary transportation costs and many others.


Home Owners Insurance


Commerce is one of the leading home insurance providers in Massachusetts. It currently has more than 240,000 policyholders. You can either choose a ‘preferred’ or a standard home insurance policy. Enjoy coverage benefits such as property protection, liability protection, repair and replacement cost, and more. Property renters as well as condo owners can also take advantage of Commerce homeowners insurance.


New Hampshire

Have peace of mind and the security that you need through New Hampshire home insurance. Protect your most valuable possessions. Get liability protection, repair and replacement coverage, and other optional coverage services at a very flexible and competitive monthly cost.


An insured life is a worry-free life. Get a quote now and find the coverage that best matches your home and auto needs. If you need further assistance regarding the company’s products and services, you may reach them via the following contact details:


email: quotehelp@commerceinsurance.com

phone: 1-800-922-8276 ext. 20002 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and

6:00 pm (EST).


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