Gander Mountain is a retail chain in United States which focused on offering products for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, camping and more. It was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It operates through about 131 stores across 25 states and also sells online through www.gandermountain.com. The company also issues credit cards in association with the Comenity Bank.
Gander Mountain Bill Payment Options
If are wondering how to pay your Gander.

Mountain credit card bills, then you have the following bill payment options:

  • Online: Gander Mountain offers its customers the ability to pay their bills online. For this purpose, you will have to open an online account with the company. You can do so through this link. After you have registered your account, you can then login and start paying your bills through your bank account. All payments made before 6PM ET will be reflected in your account in the very same day. If payments are made after 6PM ET, then it will be reflected only the next day. The online option gives you the freedom to pay whenever you want since it is available 24 X 7. Your account also offers you the bills online and print them as per your wish. You can also easily update your contact information without any difficulty. Plus, you can also eliminate the clutter of paper bills if you opt for paperless billing.
  • Schedule Payment: if you want, you can also schedule your payments in advance. This is very suitable in situations where you are waiting for your salary to be deposited in your bank in order to pay your bill. Once you set it up, the transfer takes about two business days to complete. You can schedule the payments up to 30 days in advance. You can opt for schedule payment through your online account
  • Phone: For those who do not wish to pay online, you can pay your bills through phone by contacting the company at 1-800-695-1788 and following the instructions. However, if you take the help of a customer representative and wish to make a same day payment, then you will be charged a service fee.
  • Mail: This is a more traditional way to pay your bills. You can send your checks to the address mentioned on your billing statement. Keep in mind that if your check returns to the company, then you will be charged a penalty for the returned check.
  • In Person: If you need to pay a bill and happen to be near a Gander Mountain store, then you can walk into the store and ask for paying your card bills. You may be charged a service fee.

If you do not pay your bills on time, then you will be charged a late fee. To avoid this, you can contact the bank and ask for a due date extension. For  any further questions on bill payments or any other matters, you can contact the Comenity customer care service at 1-800-695-1788. Alternatively, you can also check out the Comenity website for more details.

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Customer Care: 1-888-332-4709
TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788
Login and Bill Pay:
Comenity Bank Gander Mountain:
cash, check, credit card, invoice
PO Box 182273
Columbus, OH 43218-2273


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