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Cigna offers health care professionals with fast yet comprehensive access to various resources, tools, and claims. Cigna for CHP is an online system where medical, dental care and behavioral health professionals can have safe, easy, and real-time access to patient information and records. So if you want to enjoy these all-inclusive yet user-friendly benefits, just log on or register at no charge today.

What are the benefits of using Cigna for HCP?

Aside from the fact that you don’t have to pay anything for this service, you can easily view and access the following information:

For medical health care professionals:

  • You can check your patient’s claim status.
  • You can check your patient’s eligibility and benefits
  • Check and estimate patient liability
  • Check and send precertification requests.
  • Obtain answers about fee scheduling and detailed patient coverage.
  • Find out about claim coding and covered services
  • Check out policies and procedures
  • Give site access to your staff
  • You can download/print forms
  • Find out about medical support programs for patients covered with Cigna
  • Access Cigna’s newsletter for HCPs

For Dental Health Care Professionals:

  • Review your patients’ claim status
  • Check eligibility and coverage
  • Track various reports (payment, financial, and management)
  • You can enroll in EFT (electronic funds transfer)
  • Get access to continuing education classes
  • Download forms and resources

For Behavioral Health Care Professionals:

  • Evaluate patients’ eligibility and plan coverage
  • Verify patient’s claim status
  • Access tools, services, and other resources
  • Download forms and other resources
  • Provide site access to your personnel

If you want to learn more about the registration process and functions of CignaforHCP.com for your specific office, check out this eCourse for more details.


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