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Central Arkansas is a popular metropolitan water system. It has successfully been serving a popular of about 400,000. The company has about 125,000 industrial, commercial and residential customers. This organization is responsible for providing treated water to the cities of Shannon Hills. Supplementary water supply is provided to the city of Jacksonville. The mission of Central Arkansas is to bring about an enhancement in the quality of life by delivering a dependable service and high quality water. Secondly Central Arkansas aims to provide long-term water supply for the future generations and play its role in promoting better health.

Central Arkansas Water Bill Payment

The following are some of the reliable methods to clear your bills. You can choose the suitable option as per your convenience and comfort.

Pay By Mail

You can send in your bill payments through mail. The address for sending in the bill payments is Utility Billing Services, P.O. Box 8100, Little Rock, AR 72203-8100.

Automatic Debit payment

The most convenient choice for bill payments is the Automatic Debit program. This way you bill amount would be automatically deducted from your designated saving or checking account. You would need to sign up for the program. You would have to fill an authorization form. The bill statement would be provided to you 20 days before your bill payment. The statement would give you accurate information about your due amount. The statement would also give you information about the date when the due amount would be transferred from your account to the Utility Billing Services. This way you can save yourself from the hassle of checks and you would not have to spend your money on bill paying supplies and postages. If you have any queries in this regard you can contact the customer support service for more details. Simply call on 1.888.840.9603.

Central Arkansas Water Paying through Debit or credit card

Another quick and easy way to make your payments is by calling on a toll free number. The toll free number allows you to instantly clear your bills using your credit card or debit card. You simply need to get in touch with the customer support service on the following number 1.866.611.7879.

In-person payment

You can also make the payment by directing visiting the office of Central Arkansas. Customers located in the north of the Arkansas River may pay their bills at the North Little Rock City Services Building located at 120 Main Street in North Little Rock.

Night Deposit

 Night deposit is yet another facility to clear your bills. Night deposit boxes are available 24/7 at the following address. 221 East Capitol Avenue in Little Rock and North Little Rock City Services Building located at 120 Main Street in North Little Rock. These boxes are placed on the respective addresses at about 8 am. Payment made on weekends will be paid on the next business day.


You may contact the customer support service on 501-372-5161 OR toll free number 1-855-742-0309. You may also send an email at customerservice@carkw.com.


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