CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield is non-profit health Services Company. It offers a wide variety of administrative services and products through the subsidiaries and affiliates. It primarily caters to the needs of groups and individuals based in certain areas of northern Virginia, District of Columbia and Maryland. Carefirst is the largest health care service in the Atlantic region and has about 3.4 million members. This organization has about 5000 contractors and associates in West Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. Carefirst has a huge network and more than 80 percent of the local health service providers participate in the network. Patient Centered Medical Home is one of the ace-category programs launched by Carefirst.

CareFirst  Bill Payment

Initially Carefirst had the paper-driven e-billing system. However, it was quite time consuming.  Now when you apply for insurance through Carefirst then you may sign up with e-billing or automated billing. There are various advantages of opting for e-billing. It is easier to manage your recurring monthly payments through your credit card. E-Billing allows you to pay your monthly bills online 24/7. It is also possible to check the status of outstanding bills and payments online. However, the first step would be to setup e-billing account at www.carefirst.com/myaccount. E-billing is a web based billing tool that definitely contributes to your ease. It works on the same concept as that of online banking. You can simply clear your dues with the assistance of your personal computer by simply logging in your e-billing account.

Money Order/Check payments

You can make your bill payments through check or money order as well. You may opt in for this option if you do not prefer e-billing. However, e-billing can be considered to be the more efficient method in comparison to the other available options. Billing address Mail Administrator P.O Box 14115 Lexington, KY 40512- 4115.

Getting help with making payments

If clearing your payments is an issue then Carefirst offers a way out. You may consider yourself eligible for federal financial assistance popularly known as subsidy. This way government can help cover the insurance costs. Subsidy can easily cover up to 5 to 90 percent of the insurance cost depending upon your earning. There are two different types of subsidy. One is premium subsidy. It helps to cover your monthly insurance costs. The second one is the cost sharing subsidy that helps to cover other out of the pocket expenses. The cost sharing subsidy also depends on your income. It totally depends upon your income whether you qualify for one or both subsidy. There are various tools available on the Carefirst website that will help you determine your eligibility criteria.


For more information contact the Carefirst Customer support service. Families and individuals can also contact Carefirst by calling 1-888-432-4380. Contact with the customer support can easily be made 7 days a week between 8 am -8 pm. You can also email the customer support at my.apps@carefirst.com. You can also opt for live chat service to acquire relevant information.


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