Applied Bank is a well known financial services institution in the United States. Established in 1996, the company is headquartered in Newark, Delaware. Applied Bank offers a wide range of products to its customers – from savings accounts, money market accounts, credit lines and more. It is also a market leader in offering secured or unsecured credit cards to customers with little or absolutely no history.

If you are a customer of Applied Bank credit card, then you must check out their online website at http://cardcenter.appliedbank.com. You can open an online account through the website and take advantage of its features.

Applied Bank Features Of Online Account

Using the Applied Bank Online account services, you have 24-hour access to the information you are looking for. You are not required to dig through mounds of paperwork, instead you can get what you want through the internet. The following are the various features of your online account-

  • Bill Payment: You can pay your bills through your online account using your credit card or debit card. This is a very convenient option since you can pay whenever you want.
  • Account Summary: Once you are logged in, you can navigate to your Account Summary section and get real-time information regarding your account like your current balance, available credit, pending transactions, and also the transactions on your account since your last statement
  • Online Statements: Through this option, you can view up to six of your latest statements online. You can eliminate the need for paper bills – all you need is a web enabled device.
  • Payment History: This option gives you the ability to view details regarding your past payments – the dates, the amounts and even the payment method of each transaction
  • Online History: If you have made any changes to your account information like your address, passwords etc, you can view the same through your online account.

How To Open An Online Account

You can enroll in an online account service through this link.
For Example:

payments appliedbank com


You will be asked to furnish your customer account number, social security number and your date of birth. You can also select a username and password to access your account. Then you can click the “Submit” button to finish the registration process. You can then login through this link and start using your account.
For Example:

cardcenter appliedbank com


Payment Protection Plus

This facility promises to make your credit card monthly minimum payment during difficult times, thus offering you the financial safety in case your financial position makes a turn for the worse.  For example, if you become involuntarily unemployed, disabled, hospitalized, divorced or experience any other qualifying life events, you will be well protected by this plan which ensures that  your monthly payments are made on time. A small fee of $0.95 per $100 of your outstanding monthly balance will be charged as service fee if you opt for payment protection plus.

If you have any further questions, you can contact the Applied Bank credit card customer service at 800-225-5030. You can also visit their website at cardcenter.appliedbank.com for more details.


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