Anglian Water: Convenient Payment Options, Contact Information, and Services

Anglian Water, established in 1973, is a leading water supplier in England and Wales. They are responsible for treating and managing wastewater while providing clean and fresh water to residents and businesses across their extensive coverage area. As a privatized company since 1989, Anglian Water has consistently ensured a stable water supply despite population growth by minimizing leaks. Let’s explore their payment options, contact information, and additional services.

Anglian Water Payment Options

To cater to the evolving needs of their customers, Anglian Water offers various payment methods for their bills.

Paying Your Bill Online

Managing your water bill is effortless through the Anglian Water website. By providing your account number and preferred payment method, such as a debit or credit card, you can conveniently settle your bill online. Additionally, a receipt will be sent to your email for future reference.

Pay by Direct Debit

Simplify bill payments by setting up a direct debit. Anglian Water allows customers to schedule automatic withdrawals from their bank accounts. This ensures that the payment is made promptly and conveniently on a day chosen by the customer.

Pay by Post

If you prefer traditional payment methods, you can pay your bill by post. Once you receive your bill, enclose your payment method and account details in an envelope. Send it to Anglian Water Payment Centre at PO Box 10643, Harlow, CM20 9HB.

Pay in Person

Anglian Water offers the option to pay in person at the post office or a payzone outlet. Simply bring your bill stub and make the payment using cash, a check, or a debit/credit card. While you receive an immediate receipt, note that it may take a day or two for the payment to reflect on your account.

Pay by Phone

For quick and automated bill payment, Anglian Water provides a dedicated phone line. Call 08457 91 91 55, follow the prompts, and have your account number ready for hassle-free bill settlement.

Moving Home with Anglian Water

If you are relocating, Anglian Water offers services to help with the transition. Please visit their website or contact their customer services for assistance in updating your account details and ensuring a seamless water supply at your new address.

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

Who owns Anglian Water?

Anglian Water Services Limited (AWS) is the primary subsidiary of Anglian Water Group Limited (AWG). The AWG Board comprises investor representatives, the CEO, the CFO, and an independent Non-Executive Chairman. AWG is owned by a consortium of committed, long-term investors representing millions of individual pension holders.

Does Anglian Water have a hosepipe ban?

For up-to-date information on hosepipe bans or any other water restrictions, please visit the Anglian Water website or contact their customer services.

How to Contact Anglian Water?

To reach Anglian Water’s customer services, you can call their dedicated helpline at 08457 91 91 55. Additionally, you can find comprehensive contact information on their website to address specific inquiries or concerns.

Do Anglian Water charge to unblock drains?

If the sewer is owned by Anglian Water, they will clear the blockage. However, if the issue is within your private drain or sewer, you will need to hire an independent drain clearing company. Alternatively, you may consider obtaining plumbing and drainage insurance from HomeServe, which offers various coverage options.

How hard is my water with Anglian Water?

Anglian Water supplies water that is classified as hard to very hard due to the high chalk content in the region’s ground. While hard water is safe and can be beneficial, Anglian Water provides a postcode checker on their website (anglianwater.co.uk/dwq) or a dedicated phone line (03457 145 145) to determine the hardness of the water in your area. They also offer tips to manage the effects of hard water, such as preventing limescale buildup in kettles and improving the appearance of tea.


Anglian Water, the largest water supplier in England and Wales, prioritizes customer convenience by offering multiple payment options, including online, direct debit, postal, in-person, and phone payments. Whether you are moving home or have questions about services and water quality, Anglian Water’s customer services are available to assist you. Stay informed and enjoy reliable water supply and efficient bill management with Anglian Water.


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