Access Your Traffic Ticket Information Online

Have you recently had an encounter with the justice system for a vehicle related incident in New Jersey? If this is so, then you can instantly now check your tickets status and find out what options that you may have either pay or show up to court. On Njmdirect.com you can see everything related to your case, and even pay off the ticket if an order or judgment has already been passed. The website is for your convenience and efficient way for the state of New Jersey to keep track of all offences.

Paying your balance Online

There are a couple of ways to pay off the balance of your ticket. One of the easiest is to make a payment through the online system. All that you need is the ticket number, court ID, license plate number, and your personal information. Make sure that you do this between the hours of; Mon – Thurs
7:30AM – 11:45PM (EST), Fri 7:30AM – 10:45PM (EST), Sat 7:30AM – 3:45PM (EST), Sun 1:00PM – 11:45PM (EST). When the system is available, you can either make a payment arrangement through the courts, or make one in full. There is however a processing fee that will be applied to said payment.

Ticket Information

Here, you can access what the ticket you received is for, how much it is going to cost to pay the balance, and when the payment is due. Enter everything as it is printed on your ticket, and make sure to keep the electronic receipt when you have finished making the payment. If you see something that is not correct with any of your information, you need to go directly to the court house. Depending on your county, here you can find the phone number or address of the courts in question under the New Jersey Courts municipal section.

Credit Cards

In accordance with making a payment online at the; Njmcdirect.com website, you must make sure that the credit or debit card you use is accepted. This site only allows you to pay with Visa or MasterCard. These can be either debit or credit cards as long as the logos are present within your form of payment. If you have any trouble with the website please contact your local courthouse as listed in the paragraph above.

Convenience Fee

Depending on what the total is on your ticket citation, there will be a fee processed with the full payment received. This fee can range from $1.00 all the way to $4.00. Anything that is over two hundred dollars or more will be charges four dollars to pay your ticket online.  This is the best place for anyone in New Jersey to pay any existing tickets or citations, and to Access Your Traffic Ticket Information Online .


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